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November 26, 2012
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Satw The Islands zodiacs by ABtheButterfly Satw The Islands zodiacs by ABtheButterfly
edit I added Svalbard who is Norway's twin so he has the same zodiac as him.

this one was a little tougher especialy Bornholm and Åland (so I just used the date when Åland got it's official flag) and Bornholm came part of Denmark (which is kind of ironic in a way oh well)

Bornholm is Capricorn January 1 and holding a toy Capricorn, and yes the Capricorn has a toy smoking pipe.

Åland is an Aries April 3 and holding a toy Aries (which is a goat) and yes the goat has glasses.

Svalbard is a Taurus May 17 and he has a white bull too only with more fur and a broken horn.

Greenland is a Cancer June 22 and holding a toy crab (if it was real he would have eaten it) that has a snowball painted on it.

Faroes Island is a Leo July 29 and holding a stuff lion.

Satw (c) :iconhumon:

if anyone ask why I didn't include Iceland with the islands is because I already drew him with the Nordic Zodiacs

edit I had to edit Svalbard's flag/outfit because of this [link]
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